How To Choose an Engagement Ring That Suits Your Hand

Congratulations, you’re getting engaged! This is an important and exciting first step in a life-long relationship! As you start ring shopping, knowing how to choose an engagement ring that suits your hand is essential. After all, you want something so flattering that all you’ll want to do is show it off. Think about your fingers, hands, and knuckles since each affects how the ring looks when you’re wearing it.

Think About Your Finger-Type

Before you get carried away and start looking at all the rings in the jewelry shop, you should consider what your hands look like. What type of hand do you have? In other words, are your fingers long or short? Another aspect to consider is how wide your fingers are. There are different hand types, and various rings flatter each.

Long Fingers

If you have long fingers, then you’re in luck because you can try out various settings and band styles. As you shop, you can buy nearly anything from princess to cushion cut. Almost everything looks great on long fingers, so get creative! However, you may want to avoid vertically cut gems since they may make your finger look longer than you want.

Short Fingers

Some of us have shorter fingers, and that’s fine! You can give the illusion that yours are longer with oval or pear-shaped diamonds. That way, you can make your fingers look longer and get a gorgeous gemstone that dazzles. Keep in mind that most recommend avoiding wide-cut stones, such as princess cuts.

Wide Fingers

It may sound odd, but if you have wide fingers, then a larger stone is best. Why? A small diamond will make your fingers look wider than they are. You’ll also want to buy a ring with a thicker band—try out different thicknesses to find what you like best. Some brides-to-be with wide fingers go for cluster settings. This allows them to get a ring that flatters them if they’re on a tighter budget or don’t want a single large diamond.

Slender Fingers

If you’ve got slim fingers, then a smaller diamond and thin band will look great! While you should choose the ring that speaks to you, be mindful of design. A complex or busy setting may not look great since it’s overpowering. On the other hand, classic style settings with smaller stones and thicker bands look spectacular!

Understanding how to choose an engagement ring that suits your hand allows you to buy the ring that best. The most important thing is finding a ring you love wearing! Every diamond is unique—buy the one that tells your love story. Fire and Ice Diamonds have a selection of free-form engagement rings with stunning options for every hand type!