How To Choose an Engagement Ring That Suits Your Hand

How To Choose an Engagement Ring That Suits Your Hand

How To Choose an Engagement Ring That Suits Your Hand

How To Choose an Engagement Ring That Suits Your Hand

With both saltwater and chlorine as options to keep pools clean and running well, how do you choose between them? There are pros and cons to both. Let’s take a look at how to decide between saltwater and chlorine pools.

Saltwater Pools

Let’s understand what a saltwater pool isn’t. It isn’t like swimming in the salty ocean. A saltwater pool uses salt to create natural chlorine. Salt is added to a saltwater pool generator, and the generator converts salt to chlorine. So, a saltwater pool still uses chlorine in a natural form that does the work of disinfecting your pool. Now, let’s look at the pros of a saltwater pool:

  • Water feels silky
  • Easy on skin and eyes
  • Won’t fade swimwear
  • Disinfects
  • Requires few chemicals
  • Naturally produces chlorine

And now for the cons:

  • An expensive investment
  • Repairs require a professional
  • Accessories must be saltwater specific

As you can see, saltwater is a great, natural choice for your pool, but it’s also an expensive one. The system of a saltwater pool is complex, which makes repairs and accessories expensive. However, the complexity also makes it function well. A saltwater pool is an investment, but it’s well worth it if you prefer fewer chemicals and if it suits your budget.

Chlorine Pools

Rather than producing chlorine like a saltwater pool, a chlorine pool has chlorine added to it regularly, using a pump rather than a generator. Let’s see what the pros of a chlorine pool are:

  • Inexpensive
  • Uses less electricity (thanks to the pump)
  • DIY repairs possible for small issues
  • Easy on accessories (lights, heaters, etc.)

And the cons:

  • Tough on hair, skin, and eyes
  • Not natural
  • Fades swimwear
  • Costly to maintain
  • Needs constant vigilance for chemical upkeep
  • Chlorine storage is difficult

The bottom line with chlorine pools is that they’re much less of an initial investment when compared to saltwater, but they cost more to maintain because chlorine must be added often and checked regularly—plus, it requires special storage.

Investing in a pool is a great option for family fun all summer long. When you’re deciding between saltwater and chlorine pools, stick with your budget, and keep in mind that the cost continues as you maintain the pool. At Luxury Pool and Spa, we understand how confusing the process is, and we’re here to answer your questions about maintaining your pool. We offer upkeep, maintenance, and professional repairs for all your pool needs. Luxury Pool and Spa is the trusted pool service in Cape Coral and the surrounding areas. Contact us, and let’s discuss converting your current pool or how we can help with any of your pool needs.