How To Properly Store Fine Jewelry

Your fine jewelry needs special care to keep it intact, so follow some tips from jewelry experts to learn how to do so. Appropriate storage and a cleaning schedule are necessary. After all, direct sunlight or humidity could ruin a beautiful piece. Remember, nothing can replace sentimental value, so take care of your jewelry!

Where To Store It

One of the first tips on how to properly store fine jewelry is to keep it in the right location. Leaving jewelry in the bathroom or direct sunlight puts it at risk for damage since high humidity levels lead to tarnishing. But, some pieces, such as opals, need a specific humidity level to prevent damage. Do your research or talk to your jeweler to know what type of environment your gemstones need.

When you’re storing jewelry, take time to think about:

You undoubtedly already keep the items you frequently wear within easy reach and your fancier pieces somewhere a bit safer than your dresser countertop. Ensure all your precious jewelry remains in a secure location. For example, some people store their most valued jewelry in a fire-proof safe to prevent any possibility of theft.

Separate Your Pieces

Jewelry experts know you should never intermix costume jewelry with high-end pieces. Instead, store your delicate pieces in a jewelry bag, box, or chest. In a large jewelry box, there are drawers for storage and usually a few hooks for necklaces to prevent pieces from becoming tangled together.

Keeping your items in a lined box protects pieces against the elements and helps you to easily locate individual items. Separating your jewelry also prevents the risk of corrosion and scratching. Since silver tarnishes, always keep it separate from the rest of your fine jewelry.

Clean Your Jewelry

Proper storage is important, and so is regularly cleaning each piece to keep it beautiful! Silver tarnishes, especially in humidity, so take time to clean it with a tarnishing cloth. This keeps your jewelry shining! Additionally, remember to avoid intermixing it with other high-end pieces to avoid spreading the tarnish.

Take care of your finer jewelry with a proper storage system and a cleaning schedule. Knowing how to properly store fine jewelry ensures your pieces will look beautiful and last a long time.

Engagement rings and anniversary gifts are extra special. Fire and Ice Diamonds sells beautiful jewelry ranging from white gold wide band diamond rings to dazzling earrings! Every piece of jewelry you own is unique, so take care of your high-end pieces and pass them down through the generations. Jewelry tells a story—so let yours last a lifetime!