The Difference Between High-Set and Low-Set Engagement Rings

When the time comes to shop for the perfect engagement ring, there’s a lot to consider. For instance, would you prefer a white or yellow gold band? And how many carats do you want the gemstone to be? Do you want a high-set or a low-set ring? As you consider the final question, you may wonder, “What’s the difference between high-set and low-set engagement rings?” Search no further! What’s ideal to some isn’t the perfect match for everyone.

Low-Set Engagement Rings

In low-set engagement rings, the center diamond sits lower in the setting. And since the gem sits closer to your finger, the diamond has a lower profile when you look at it from the side.

What Are the Pros?

Taking your engagement ring off during hands-on activities is advised to protect it. Of course, this isn’t always easy—especially when you’re newly engaged! For this reason, low-set rings are ideal for an active woman. Also, since the gem sits lower, the stone is less prone to chips if it hits something, making it more durable.

What Are the Cons?

While there are many benefits to a low-set ring—specifically for those always on the go—there are a few sacrifices to keep in mind. Because the gem sits lower in the setting, it doesn’t reflect light as easily. Your diamond will still sparkle, just not as much as a high-set ring.

High-Set Engagement Rings

Unlike low-set engagement rings, high-set engagement rings hold the center gem higher. And since the center gem has a higher profile, it stands out more and appears shinier. These rings are flashier, literally!

What Are the Pros?

One reason high-set rings are so desirable is that they glimmer in the light. Another advantage to this setting is that it’s easier to pair with a wedding ring. So, finding the ideal wedding ring comes without stress if you don’t purchase a set or get your engagement ring custom-made.

What Are the Cons?

Understanding the difference between high-set and low-set engagement rings helps you determine what’s best. A flashy ring is nice but remember to weigh the cons, too. Because the diamond sits higher, it’s more exposed and at greater risk for chipping. Likewise, it’s easier for setting prongs to catch on clothing and cause snags.

When you shop for an engagement ring, take lifestyle into account. For example, if you work a hands-on job or live an active lifestyle, a low-set ring may be best. However, this isn’t always the case. There are no rules centered around what ring you need to buy.

If you’re shopping for your perfect ring, Fire and Ice Diamonds offers a variety of beautiful high and low-set engagement rings. You could buy a freeform diamond ring or view other options. Diamonds symbolize forever, so buy the one that speaks to your heart.