A Guide to Diamond Shapes in Fine Jewelry

No two gemstones are identical, and one way to make your engagement ring stand out is by picking a specific cut. Many people love round brilliant since it’s a timeless style. And others prefer oval, a shape growing in popularity because of its prominent appearance and brilliance! There are various cuts to choose from, and with this guide to diamond shapes in fine jewelry, you can understand all your options and pick what best suits your taste!

Round Brilliant

Of the many cuts, round brilliant is the most popular because it’s a classic; no matter the fashion trends or decade, it will remain in style. Round brilliant got the name from its brilliance, as the ideal facet pattern allows for maximum light return.


A guide to diamond shapes in fine jewelry is incomplete without mentioning emerald-shaped diamonds. Emerald is another popular cut because it appears large and, if appropriately shaped, can have an ideal cut grade. In addition, emerald-shaped diamonds are rectangular or square shape cuts, making your fingers appear slender: an ideal for many hand types.


Lately, oval-shaped gems are all the rage! One of the many reasons for this is its elongated shape that helps make your fingers look long and slender. Unfortunately, this cut can cause a bow-tie effect—an optical illusion causing dark spots inside the stone. However, this won’t happen when experts do the job. You can find the perfect oval-cut engagement band at Fire and Ice Diamonds, as we can eliminate the classic dark bow tie.


Although the princess shape isn’t as popular as round brilliant or oval, it is a top contender. Not only does it shimmer under the light, but it’s another classic. Nothing beats these classic shapes since they pair with everything and never go out of style!


Cushion-shaped diamonds got their name from their rounded edges, making them look a lot like a pillow. This is the perfect shape for any bride searching for an alternative to the popular round brilliant or oval cut. It’s an excellent blend of the round brilliant and princess cut, making it classic and modern!

While there are other shapes—like pear, heart, and marquise—they’re not as popular because there’s too much light leakage. They don’t shine the same, so it’s almost impossible for those three shapes to receive an ideal cut grade.

For high-end diamonds, shop at Fire and Ice Diamonds. You can find round brilliant, oval, princess, and cushion shapes because we strive for an ideal cut. Shop for your perfect engagement ring to showcase the love you share with your partner.