Engagement Ring Settings and Styles You Need to Know

A lot goes into picking out your ideal engagement ring. For starters, what type of setting and style do you prefer? To find what’s best, you should look at various rings and take the time you need to decide. What seemed ideal in your imagination may look completely different once you put it on.

Understanding the engagement ring settings and styles you need to know can feel a bit tricky. However, you can note the difference by remembering that setting describes the mounting of a diamond on the band, and style is the aesthetic effect you get. With help from this guide, you can find the ring you love!

Understanding the Many Settings

Choosing the ideal diamond ring may feel overwhelming as you first start looking. You have many settings to choose from, and narrowing down what you like best may take some time. Some popular setting styles include:

Try looking at photos online to figure out what style you prefer. Once you’ve created a list of your preferences, visit jewelers to check out the rings in person. Remember to try on a variety of rings to see what you like best. After all, the ring that best flatters your hand may not be what you first imagined.

Before you buy, remember to weigh the pros and cons of each choice. Of course, what’s considered a pro and con is up to the individual—your happiness is what’s most important.

Prong Setting

Prong settings have four to six prongs that raise the diamond up and hold it in place. One great aspect of this setting choice is that it’s a classic—it won’t go out of style. Because it’s timeless, you can pair it with any wedding band if you don’t want to buy a matching set.

The Pros

The beautiful shine could be another reason many brides feel drawn to prong setting rings. Since the prongs elevate the gemstone, the light better shines through it. This means having a gorgeous ring that dazzles in the light!

The Cons

Before you buy, note that while prong settings don’t require too much upkeep, they do require some. Prongs also can snag on certain materials or clothing. The important thing is you take your lifestyle into account before buying. This is a high-set engagement band, so you risk chipping the diamond if you work with your hands a lot. But the good news is, if you tend to your ring and remove it during vigorous activity, it will stay in great condition!

Bezel Setting

If you’re always on the go and looking for the perfect setting, a bezel setting could be it. Not only is this a low-set diamond setting, but it’s also incredibly sleek and modern looking. Of course, everyone’s style is different, and it’s worth noting bezel setting rings usually have a thicker band.

The Pros

Some newly engaged women and brides dread the idea of removing their ring, and no one can blame them. An engagement ring symbolizes the beautiful promise of eternity. Since bezel settings include a thick trim around the diamond, the gem remains protected, so you don’t have to remove your ring.

The Cons

Low-set rings are an excellent choice for active women, but they can be a bit costly. Also, remember, since the diamond is low-set, it won’t appear as shiny as it would in a prong setting. But whether this is a disadvantage is truly up to the individual wearing the ring.

Tension Setting

Tension setting rings don’t just look modern—they’re also unique. Two bands hold the diamond in place, just like a couple supports one another in a marriage. Usually, tension settings require a larger diamond and could make a small diamond look even tinier.

The Pros

If you want an eye-catching ring, then a tension setting may be the ring for you. Since the entire diamond remains visible in a tension setting, light can shine through for maximum sparkle! This setting also looks excellent with princess cut, emerald cut, and round cut gems. Plus, it looks and works great with almost all metal types.

The Cons

Before you buy a tension-setting ring, make sure you’re positive about your ring size. Talk to the jeweler so the measurements are perfect, as resizing isn’t easy. Also, you’ll need to be careful with your ring. Although the diamond is secure, taking it in for maintenance is important, as it could loosen over time. But don’t let this deter you if it’s the ring setting you love most.

Other Settings To Know

There are several other settings to note. Some of these are just as popular as the previously mentioned choices, but others include:

A halo setting typically has a center stone in a four prong setting; in this style, several smaller diamonds surround the center diamond. It’s the center diamond that’s affected by this setting. And a pave setting has a high-set gemstone and diamond beading along with the band. Finally, the channel setting has small diamonds within what looks like two metal tracks.

Understanding the Many Styles

Like the setting, there are various engagement ring styles from which to choose—two popular options are cluster and the double diamond. Your ring represents your love, so take the time you need to find the style that speaks to you.


A cluster-style engagement ring has a group of small diamonds that together give a similar visual effect as one large diamond would. There are a few reasons some buyers gravitate towards this style. For starters, the group of diamonds gives the illusion of more sparkle and is often ideal for a tight budget. Better yet, design choices are versatile because you can buy a modern or vintage cluster style ring!

Double Diamond

The double diamond is another great choice for style in part because of its symbolism. To some people, the two diamonds represent the couple. Other individuals see the two diamonds as symbols of love and friendship—two things that make a wonderful marriage.

Tips for Narrowing Your Choices

Researching all the engagement ring settings and styles you need to know can feel a bit overwhelming because there are so many great choices out there. Ring shopping is exciting, so remember:

Keep these details in mind and understand what’s best for you. You don’t want to get a ring that you have to take off every day. Not only do you risk losing it, but you don’t get to enjoy its beauty! And of course, when the ring matches your style and reminds you of your partner, it’s sure to make you smile.

Take the time you need to evaluate different styles and settings. This may require some research and trips to the jeweler to try on various rings. What some consider pros and cons is a matter of opinion, so don’t get too hung up on it. Finding the right ring is the first of many steps in creating a family.

As you shop for your perfect ring, look for a Fire and Ice authorized retailer for beautiful solitaire, free form, and halo diamond engagement rings! Your engagement ring marks this first step, so strive for nothing less than your idea of perfect and buy a ring as everlasting as your love.

Engagement Ring Settings and Styles You Need to Know