Tips and Tricks To Make Your Jewelry Sparkle More

Everyone loves a diamond that dazzles! Use these tips and tricks to make your jewelry sparkle more so that your precious pieces always look spectacular. Of course, cleaning your jewelry is essential, but you need to use the right products to avoid ruining it. Different gemstones and metals require various levels of care. Our expertise can help you keep your heirlooms sparkling.

Cleaning Tips To Make Your Ring Shine

Hold off on laying out all your jewelry, and don’t pull out any abrasive cleaners. Metals react differently to various products, and abrasive cleaners could scratch precious gems. And if you’re trying to brighten up your pearls, avoid bleach. High-quality jewelry contains natural materials that don’t mix well with cleaning chemicals.

So How Do You Clean It?

If you’re trying to bring out your diamond’s natural beauty, fill a cup with warm water and add ¼ cup of ammonia to it. After allowing the diamond to soak for around 15 minutes, pull it out and clean the surface with a soft-bristle brush. Then rinse it off and dry it with a soft cloth.

You can also keep your pieces clean with:

Before you bathe a piece, remember to research what you can and cannot use for that specific metal or gem. The last thing you want to do is accidentally ruin your favorite piece of jewelry.

Photography Tricks To Make Your Ring Shine

Once you’ve cleaned your precious piece, you may want to show it off in a few photos. Or maybe you just got engaged and want a couple of pictures to show off the beginning of this new story. Try out some photographer tips to make your ring dazzle:

If you’re taking photos outside, aim for the golden hour— the first hour before sunrise and the last hour before sunset. The lighting during these periods makes for breathtaking photos! And when you find the perfect angle, the sunlight will make your diamond sparkle.

Other Tips To Keep in Mind

You can make sure your jewelry is always shinning with a maintenance schedule. Nothing’s worse than wanting to wear your favorite silver chain, only to find that it’s tarnished. By jotting down days and times to clean your favorite pieces, you eliminate the worry.

And when you want your ring or other pieces to twinkle in photos, enlist a friend or professional for help. Your engagement ring marks the start of a new chapter in your life, and you want the pictures capturing that moment to look perfect!

Whether you’re trying to keep your ring clean or want to take incredible photos, utilize these tips and tricks to make your jewelry sparkle more. Showcase your everlasting love with a free-form engagement ring or browse other unique options at a Fire & Ice authorized retailer. Finally, begin writing the story of your love and cherished memories with your partner!

Remember, nothing is more beautiful than a freshly cleaned piece, especially when it’s important to you, so keep your diamond shining as bright as your love.