Tips and Tricks To Make Your Jewelry Sparkle More

Everyone loves a diamond that dazzles! Use these tips and tricks to make your jewelry sparkle more so that your precious pieces always look spectacular. Of course, cleaning your jewelry is essential, but you need to use the right products to avoid ruining it. Different gemstones and metals require various levels of care. Our expertise can help […]

Engagement Ring Settings and Styles You Need to Know

A lot goes into picking out your ideal engagement ring. For starters, what type of setting and style do you prefer? To find what’s best, you should look at various rings and take the time you need to decide. What seemed ideal in your imagination may look completely different once you put it on. Understanding […]

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Metal for Your Engagement Ring

When it comes to picking out your engagement ring, you have a lot to consider. There’s the style, the diamond’s setting, and the metal type. And you don’t want to choose just any metal for your band. These tips for selecting the perfect metal for your engagement ring will help you weigh the pros and cons of […]

Reasons Why Diamonds Are Worth the Investment

It’s no secret that diamonds are expensive, but there’s a reason these gems symbolize “forever”—they last! Not only this, but diamonds have a unique value. They’re a monetary investment and very symbolic. These are just some of the many reasons why diamonds are worth the investment! They’re Durable Diamonds are among the strongest materials in the […]

How the Cut of a Diamond Affects Its Value and Beauty

These four key factors impact a diamond’s value: clarity, carat, color, and cut. But the cut is not the same thing as the shape, as some may believe. Although cut and shape are interrelated, they’re not synonymous. A diamond’s cut grade significantly affects the price. Knowing how the cut of a diamond affects its value and […]

A Guide to Diamond Shapes in Fine Jewelry

No two gemstones are identical, and one way to make your engagement ring stand out is by picking a specific cut. Many people love round brilliant since it’s a timeless style. And others prefer oval, a shape growing in popularity because of its prominent appearance and brilliance! There are various cuts to choose from, and […]

The Difference Between High-Set and Low-Set Engagement Rings

When the time comes to shop for the perfect engagement ring, there’s a lot to consider. For instance, would you prefer a white or yellow gold band? And how many carats do you want the gemstone to be? Do you want a high-set or a low-set ring? As you consider the final question, you may […]

How To Care for Your Engagement Ring the Right Way

Engagement rings are pieces of beautiful, fine jewelry. However, some women aren’t used to the responsibility of caring for such an expensive yet important piece. When you get engaged, you have more than ring insurance to consider—you need to know how to care for your engagement ring the right way. Improper cleaning or mistreatment could land your […]

What Is a Diamond Carat? Everything You Need To Know

When we shop for gemstones or receive a piece of jewelry, we hear that it’s a specific carat. Or, we hear a diamond ring is 3-carats. But what exactly does this mean? A carat, not a karat, is a specific measurement used for diamonds and other gemstones. It measures the stone’s weight and is one […]

How To Properly Store Fine Jewelry

Your fine jewelry needs special care to keep it intact, so follow some tips from jewelry experts to learn how to do so. Appropriate storage and a cleaning schedule are necessary. After all, direct sunlight or humidity could ruin a beautiful piece. Remember, nothing can replace sentimental value, so take care of your jewelry! Where […]