Cushion Diamond


The World's Most Brilliant Cushion Diamond

Every Fire & Ice Cushion cut diamond (over 0.30ct) receives an AGS 0000 Ideal Light Performance grade, signifying zero deductions for polish, symmetry, cut, and light performance.

Fire & Ice goes beyond Ideal cut grade standards to preserve the classic Cushion design and obtain optimal light reflection. Many diamond cutters, hoping to achieve an Ideal grade, cut the pavilion (the diamond’s bottom) as they would for a round cut, which is an easier way to obtain an Ideal cut grade. However, this approach reduces light reflection and creates a “crushed ice” appearance. As Cushion cutting connoisseurs, we achieve the classic Cushion look with larger bands of light, avoiding the crushed ice appearance, and maximizing the light performance potential of a Cushion cut diamond.

Fire & Ice Cushion Diamond Ring

Our Mission

Keep the Classic Cushion design, avoiding the “crushed ice” look

Avoid cutting the pavilion like a round, improving light reflection and maintaining a larger diameter

Produce superior brilliance particularly toward the center

Achieve an AGS 0000 Ideal Light Performance grade for every stone

An Ideal Cut

To qualify as AGS 0000 Ideal Light Performance grade, a diamond must be polished to incredible precision receiving zero deductions for polish, symmetry, cut, and light performance. When being cut, each facet undergoes meticulous angle adjustments to optimize brilliance, scintillation, fire, and overall light performance.

The AGS 0000 Ideal Light Performance Grading Report sets the highest standard in the diamond industry. Every Fire & Ice Cushion Cut diamond achieves this maximum grade, but we go even beyond Ideal to produce a diamond which consistently faces up bigger, brighter and whiter even compared to other Excellent and Ideal cut diamonds.

A cushion diamond

Ideal Cushion Cut

Light Performance Grade: AGS Ideal 0


AGS Very Ideal

Fire (Dispersion)

AGS Very Ideal


AGS Very Ideal

Overall Performance

AGS Very Ideal


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