Princess Diamond

FIRE & ICE Princess CUT

The World's Most Brilliant Princess Diamond

Every Fire & Ice Princess cut diamond (over .30ct) earns an AGS 0000 Ideal Light Performance grade signifying zero deductions for polish, symmetry, cut, and light performance.

We’ve surpassed Ideal grading standards to deliver a Princess cut diamond with enhanced fire around the crown and increased brilliance toward the center. While maintaining a generous diameter and impeccably polished French cut corners, the Fire & Ice Princess cut diamond embodies the pinnacle of Light Performance achievable in a Princess cut.

Luna Necklace in White Gold with Princess center stone

Our Mission

Achieve more brilliance toward the center and more fire around the crown

Preserve a large diameter

Achieve maximum total light return

Achieve AGS 0000 Ideal Light Performance grade for every Princess stone

An Ideal Cut

To qualify as an AGS 0000 Ideal Light Performance grade, a diamond must be polished to incredible precision receiving zero deductions for brilliance, fire, scintillation, and light performance. When being cut, each facet undergoes meticulous angle adjustments to optimize brilliance, scintillation, fire, and overall light performance.

The AGS 0000 Ideal Light Performance Grading Report sets the highest standard in the diamond industry. Every Fire & Ice Princess cut diamond achieves this maximum grade, and we go even beyond Ideal to produce a diamond which consistently faces up bigger, brighter and whiter even compared to other Excellent and Ideal cut diamonds.

Princess Diamond

Ideal Princess Cut

Light Performance Grade: AGS Ideal 0


AGS Very Ideal

Fire (Dispersion)

AGS Very Ideal


AGS Very Ideal

Overall Performance

AGS Very Ideal


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