Round Diamond


The World's Most Brilliant Round Diamond

Every Fire & Ice Round Brilliant Diamond (over .50ct) attains an AGS 0000 Ideal Light Performance grade, signifying zero deductions for polish, symmetry, cut, and light performance.

Fire and Ice went beyond the Ideal cut grade standards to preserve the classic round brilliant design but achieving more fire and scintillation reflected from the top. This patented cut is the result of extensive scientific research on the behavior of light in diamonds.

Fire & Ice round brilliant diamonds represent the maximum potential cut grade and light performance a diamond can provide.

Our Mission

Preserve the classic round brilliant design

Achieve a GIA XXX cut grade for every diamond

Achieve the maximum light performance grade by AGS (Ideal 0000) for every diamond

Achieve a bigger, brighter, and whiter appearance even when compared to other Excellent and Ideal cuts

An Ideal Cut

All Fire & Ice round brilliant diamonds receive a GIA XXX Ideal grade (meaning Excellent for cut, polish, and symmetry) and AGS 0000 Ideal Light Performance grade (meaning 0 deductions) for brightness, fire, and contrast. The Fire & Ice Round Brilliant diamond is the only diamond in the world that has both a design patent and receives these Ideal grades from GIA and AGS.

To qualify as XXX GIA and 0000 AGS Ideal Light Performance, a diamond must be polished to incredible precision, every facet carefully angled to maximize brilliance, scintillation, fire, and overall light performance.

The AGS 0000 Ideal Light Performance Grading Report sets the highest standard in the diamond industry. Every Fire & Ice diamond achieves this maximum grade, but we go even beyond Ideal to produce a diamond which consistently faces up bigger, brighter and whiter even compared to other Excellent and Ideal cut diamonds.

Round Brilliant Diamond

Ideal Round Brilliant Cut

Light Performance Grade: AGS Ideal 0


AGS Very Ideal

Fire (Dispersion)

AGS Very Ideal


AGS Very Ideal

Overall Performance

AGS Very Ideal


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