Bart Marks founded the Fire & Ice diamond brand because he truly believed there was a better way to cut a diamond. “In my heart I know an exquisitely formed, optically pure diamond crystal wants to be a Fire & Ice diamond and I think I can prove it.” Fire & Ice diamonds measures up, in every sense of the words, providing a bigger brighter whiter appearance even compared to other top rated diamonds. “Cutters need to make a lot of difficult choices,” Bart explains, “but choosing beauty over weight is what we do; it’s the art of diamond cutting. If you just want the diamond to be heavy, don’t cut it at all.”



Bart Marks

President & Founder

Bart grew up in the jewelry business joining Rogers Jewelry Co. of California after graduating from the University of Iowa where he was a member of the famous Writers Workshop. Bart has held many positions in his long career in the jewelry business including Vice President of Marketing and Vice president of Brand Development for the global diamond brand Hearts On Fire. He has worked as Executive Vice President for the landmark San Francisco jeweler Shreve and Co. Currently Bart is the Vice President of Rogers Jewelry Co. of California and CEO of Rogers of NV, as well as President of Fire and Ice Diamonds.

Co-founders of Fire and Ice Diamonds are Bart’s father Roger Marks and his brother Robert Marks.

Roger Marks


Roger Marks, the CEO of Rogers Jewelry Co. of California, has been a leader in the jewelry industry throughout his long and productive career. His jewelry industry service includes: Vice President and President of the California Jewelers Association and Treasurer of the Jewelers of America. Mr. Marks was installed as the President of the Jewelers of America in July of 1989. He has been guest speaker at various seminars and conventions and is often shown and quoted in national and regional industry magazine publications

Robert Marks


Robert Marks is President of Rogers Jewelry Co. of California and President of Rogers of NV. His jewelry industry service includes President of the California Jewelers Association and President of the Leading Jewelers Guild. Robert sits on the Jewelers of America “Smart Business” education task force, and like his father Roger is extremely active in his local community, supporting such organizations as: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, The Salvation Army, The Gallo Center for the Arts, Youth for Christ, Community Hospice, Rotary International, Lions International, Modesto Union Gospel Mission, Bethany Christian Services, The Criminal Justice League and Big Valley Good Samaritan.


Coffee Cup


The most important moments of your life deserve to be celebrated with the highest embodiment of love, beauty and craftsmanship. Your unique A.JAFFE ring will remain the storyteller of your fairytale for years to come. Whether you prefer something classic and timeless, feminine, modern or vintage-inspired, A.JAFFE offers something for everyone, no matter your style.

A.JAFFE bridal rings are known for their strength and durability, after all, every piece requires up to 80 hours to create. Each one is inherently made differently and you can see and feel the difference in setting, polishing and finishing. Additionally, our grading is one of the strictest in the industry and goes well beyond the 4C’s; a true testament to their passion for high quality craftsmanship and incomparable lifetime warranty.

From its founding in 1892, the historic American bridal designer is universally recognized for both its iconic Signature Shank™ and Quilts™ interior design feature that provide superior balance, a luxurious feel and prevent twisting of the ring on your finger. Today, A.JAFFE continues to stand for the same superior standards of craftsmanship and customization that have gone into each bridal ring for over 125 years.

Coffee Cup

Paramount Gems

Paramount Gems is a 7th-generation family-owned diamond and jewelry business that has been headquartered in New York City since 1978 and has been expanding internationally ever since as a premiere manufacturer and supplier for over 50 years.

This generational knowledge of stellar manufacturing, expertly cutting loose stones, diamond sourcing and accessibility of colored and fancy stones, has significantly propelled the company as a leader in serving the needs of manufacturers, wholesalers and jewelers across the world.

Paramount Gems is highly committed to creativity, integrity and excellence in the diamond and jewelry trade. This commitment to excellence has qualified Paramount Gems to become a certified Supplier Member of the American Gem Society. With an unprecedented specialization in natural diamonds of all shapes, sizes and colors from South America, Islands and the Middle East, Paramount Gems’ key strength is their value and pricing on loose and colored stones which stems from their strength and expertise in diamond sourcing and manufacturing.